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Bad Cop Bad Cop

"We build Artists with guts, personality, issues and resilience. Earn skills worth a lifetime."

“The Voice” can shove it.


Anyone can claim to ‘make a record’. Great. Now what, you have a pile of CDs with your name on them. So does THAT other guy…

As Artisans, it’s heart-breaking to let our own and Talent’s hard work disappear in a dead-end alley. Not everyone is likely to succeed at an Industry career. That’s Okay!!! There is so much more to it. Recording can be a wonderful self-awakening journey, of introspective blossoming, of demanding ethics, and a garanteed improvement of musical, dextrous, and social skills. We offer EDUCATION by other means. Careers take decades to build, we offer all the short-cuts that combined years of experience can offer, and save you thousands of dollars on the long-run… and the knowledge that you, a friend or loved one did it RIGHT.

What does "Bad Cop Bad Cop" mean?

A binomial team, beyond roles. Although always respectful, we are brutally honest and won’t stand for any teenage excuse… If one of us gets on your case, there’s a good reason. We often debate, but when we do agree: you’re in trouble. Now let’s get to work.


Assess strengths and weaknesses in respect to project’s ambition, then devise a customized gameplan. From short-term to long-term. Perhaps Talent isn’t yet ready to get into the studio, and need to improve their basics (and we’re here for that). Or perhaps it’s time to make a few phone calls, and get cranking. We strive to deliver a positive experience; won’t feed you grandeur and illusions. Being realistic and honest is the best ticket to real progress, while appreciating the journey and its rewards.

  • Critical thinking, improved discernment
  • Ear training
  • Leadership skills
  • Project management
  • Writing and composing crash-course
  • Industry short-cuts
  • Career guidance
  • Competitive product (if non-demo)


If it wasn’t for positive and constructive outlets, where would so many of us be? We understand creative minds can find it difficult to ‘fit in’. We’ve been there. Making a demo; album; show; or whatever, is more about the process. You can always showcase a song, yet what is learned and acquired in the process outlasts anything.

Team Members

Involved Production


Olivier Zahm

Grand Fromage

Olivier grew up using a rotary phone dial in Europe, and made coffee for big wigs in big studios. Migrated to the New World around 2002, founded Electric Lotus Music a few years later.

Pre-Production Specialist

Get ready to rock

Billy Cioffi

Freelance Producer - Pre Production Specialist

Been there, done that, wrote the book on it. Some well deserved name dropping :: Chuck Berry; Del Shannon; Bo Diddley; The Shirelles; Lesley Gore; The Monte-Carlos, etc, etc.

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